Traffic Analytics

Getting you the data you need to make meaningful changes.

Help Interpreting

After we set your traffic analytics, give us a month of monitoring these numbers and we can provide you intense detail on your website traffic, keywords and more. With this data you can make TARGETED changes that will help your website. Let me teach you these terms in your first free meeting: query, impression, click through rate.s.

Informed Decisions

Get the data you need to make the Right changes to get more traffic, keep visitors longer and be more successful.  You don’t need to guess or waste time. We set up reports that auto-email to you.

We Will:

Properly set up and connect the top analytic sites to your webpages. Help the search engines offer more of your pages in their results. Prevent you from competing with yourself, and splitting your rank with your sub domains. Exclude signed in Admins from being captured in your data, messing up your numbers.

Don't know what to do?

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