About Us

Dedicated to making websites successful - measurably.

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Our Story

Cloud Illumination was founded in 2012, in response to a close friend's business needs.

My friend David is a designer. His sites are gorgeous and they work well. But his small business clients weren't happy after about 6 months. They weren't getting offered on the search returns. They weren't ranking. Some had zero traffic. When David learned that I had ranked my brand new site and was getting traffic, he asked me to meet with one of his clients. After the third consultation I found I really liked making a measurable impact on other people's ventures. I switched tracks and put all my heart into Cloud Illumination. I picked that name because for many people the "cloud' (another name for the internet!) is completely opaque. Let us light the way you need to take on the net to drive traffic and steer away from rank killing mistakes. Our techniques are always safe, always ethical and always follow the current Google best practices and hard-fast rules.